Same Day Dental Crowns

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Posted: January 15, 2019
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Woman Smiling in Dentist ChairAt Highpoint Dental, we are pleased to offer same day dental crowns. Using advanced CAD/CAM technology, our dentists can plan, customize, craft, and place life-like restorations during a single office visit - and all without compromising quality. If you suspect you may need a crown or if you need a crown replaced, give us a call at 303-500-8701 to schedule an appointment at our Aurora office today.

Single Visit Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

Traditional dental crowns can take several weeks and multiple visits to plan and place. To place traditional crowns an appointment will be needed for planning and preparing the teeth. An additional visit may also be needed for placing temporary restorations which will need to be worn while your custom crown is manufactured by a third-party. A "final" appointment will be needed to remove the temporary restorations and place the crowns once they have been crafted by an offsite dental lab. If the crown doesn’t fit, if the color is off, if there are any imperfections at all, another appointment will be needed to place the new crowns crafted to replace those that

Placing traditional dental crowns requires a lot of unnecessary waiting and inconvenience.

Equipment for Same Day Dental CrownsWe use the E4D scanning and milling machine to create detailed images of those teeth being treated and the highest quality in-house restorations. Milled from a single block of ceramic, the restorations created by this piece of technology are safe, strong, natural-looking, and finely detailed to fit seamlessly into your smile. This process, from planning to placement, takes about two hours, or about 21 days less than the traditional option.

Benefits of Same Day Dental Restorations

Besides being convenient and less expensive, same day dental crowns are:

  • Capable of restoring full bite and chewing function
  • Sized, shaped, and shaded to fit perfectly into your smile
  • Milled from high-quality ceramics that are resistant to staining
  • Simple to repair and replace

scan for dental crownSame day crowns are perfect for dental emergencies such as broken teeth or tooth infection. They can also be used for dental bridges, enabling our Aurora dentists to provide swift treatment for teeth that have been knocked out or need to be extracted.
Same day dental restorations like bridges and crowns can improve the strength and appearance of your smile in a fraction of the time required by other options and may continue to provide benefit for several years.

If you live in Aurora, Centennial, Lakewood, Littleton, Englewood, or surrounding areas of Metro Denver, please call Highpoint Dental at 303-500-8701 to learn more about same day dental crowns or to schedule your next appointment with one of our experienced and caring dentists today.