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minature_0.jpegAt some point in our lives, oral surgery becomes an inevitable event. The thought of oral surgery incites fear and concern in many, but at Highpoint Dental Care, surgery is made much easier for even the most fearful of patients.

Dr. Baltz and Dr. Rowe have completed thousands of surgeries in all areas of dentistry, enabling us to keep 99% of your needs under one roof. Our office offers complimentary oral sedation and nitrous oxide gas to make your surgery visit comfortable. Furthermore, we have a veteran staff of assistants and hygienists to ensure your visit is completed by auxiliary competent professionals.

To schedule your surgical consultation at Highpoint Dental, please call 303-617-9100 today. Located in Aurora, we welcome patients from all surrounding areas of Colorado.

Why do people need surgery?

  • Dental implant placement 
  • Preparation of dental prosthetics (Dentures or fixed hybrid prosthetic)
  • Wisdom teeth (3rd Molars)
  • Mobile Teeth (Periodontal disease)
  • Severe cavity (Caries)
  • Oral Trauma (Injury)
  • Pathology (Benign and malignant lesions)
  • Dental abscess (Infection)

What should I expect prior to my surgery visit?

Most importantly, our office desires you to understand the need for surgery. Surgery is most often advised to avoid larger problems or in preparation for replacing teeth, thus, our office will spend time to educate you prior to treatment regarding your specific need. We will take necessary digital radiographs or three-dimensional scans (CBCT) to ensure we provide optimal diagnosis and surgical care. surgeryphoto Our doctors and staff will carefully review your medical history to ensure no contraindications to surgery or medications. If prescription medications are required, Dr. Baltz or Dr. Rowe will typically provide these ahead of your surgery with instruction. We will set realistic expectations for your surgery and discuss how we can most comfortably provide care for your specific case. We will ensure you understand any financial responsibility for the provided services.

What should I expect at my surgery visit?

Our office wants you to have an exceptional surgery experience. After you are seated by one of our clinical staff members, we will ensure all your questions have been answered. To encourage further questions, we will have you read and sign a surgery consent form to understand all risks associated with the procedure. Our talented and caring assistants will inquire about your health history to ensure no changes or contraindications to treatment. We will offer complimentary nitrous oxide, over the counter pain medications such as Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen, and strong anti-bacterial mouth rinses to increase a positive surgery outcome. Furthermore, we will offer blankets, pillows, video, or audio stimulation to optimize your experience while in our comfortable dental chairs.


Gentle and friendly is our motto.  Dr. Baltz and Dr. Rowe not only provide the highest quality of surgical skills in the Aurora and surrounding areas, but we ensure comfort during your visit. Minimizing your time in the dental chair helps to achieve the best results, and keeps your appointment time short. We often use two assistants instead of just one to help your procedure time to be shorter and allow for maximum attention to your procedure. Nitrous oxide provides mild anesthesia for patients and we advise for patients undergoing surgery to utilize a minimum level of nitrous oxide gas.  Our doctors and staff will make sure you have a detailed post-operative instruction sheet, and most importantly that you have the phone number of one of our doctors in case something requires attention after hours.

What can I expect after my surgery?

We will provide a follow-up visit and will be available to you during and after office hours if needed.  We are YOUR dentist, and we are proud to be providing your care.  At your follow up visit, we will ensure that your surgery is healing properly and address any concerns if needed.  If you have further treatment, our front office will schedule you at the times advised by our doctors.

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To learn more or to schedule your consultation, please call Highpoint Dental at 303-617-9100 today. We serve Aurora, Centennial, Parker, Green Valley Ranch, and all nearby areas of Colorado.