Full Mouth Reconstruction

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A smile lost can change the course of a person’s life forever. Self-confidence, proper nutrition, overall health, and quality of life all suffer when multiple teeth are lost or damaged. Missing teeth, bone loss, systemic health issues (i.e. cancer, osteoporosis), trauma, and infection can cause severe, irreversible damage to your mouth, which impacts overall well-being. People lose their smile for many reasons, but at Highpoint Dental Care, no smile is beyond repair.

A full mouth reconstruction can restore a healthy smile by providing cosmetic and restorative benefits through replacing teeth with fixed or removable dental prosthetics.

If you’re interested in a full mouth reconstruction, please contact Dr. Baltz and Dr. Rowe in Aurora today at 303-617-9100 to schedule your free full mouth rehabilitation dental consultation. Our dentists provide a comfortable, welcoming, no judgment atmosphere and have taken extensive education to provide all procedures in-house so you can improve your dental health in one convenient location. Highpoint Dental Care serves clients in Aurora, Parker, Green Valley Ranch, and Centennial, Colorado. 

Who Needs a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Dr. Rowe, Dr. Baltz and dental staff talking to patient about Full Mouth Reconstruction At Highpoint Dental Care, impossible is nothing. Regardless of the extent of damage and number of teeth missing, our doctors can provide full mouth rehabilitation to patients of all ages. Full mouth rehabilitation can be provided as removable or fixed prosthetics. Removable prosthetics, such as dentures, are able to be taken in and out daily, whereas fixed options, such as implant attached prosthetics, are not removed at all. These options will be discussed with you during your very first visit, and you will receive a custom treatment plan depending on your preferred prosthetic.  Teeth can be lost for the following reasons:

  • Mouth Injury: Whether you suffered an injury while playing a sport or endured a car accident, oral trauma can be devastating. Emergency services can provide initial repair, but you may need several dentistry procedures to restore damage from oral trauma. These injuries can involve teeth that are displaced, knocked out, chipped, or cracked.
  • Tooth Decay: When caught early, a cavity (tooth decay) can be addressed quite easily with a tooth-colored filling. Proper hygiene, high sugar, and acidic diets, and proper dental care can prevent decay from forming and spreading. When decay reaches the nerve, it can cause toothaches, swelling, and significant tooth damage. When left unchecked, decay can cause teeth to be non-restorable.
  • Gum and Periodontal Disease: More people lose teeth from periodontal disease than they do any other form of dental problem. This problem is caused mainly from bone and gum attachment loss around the teeth that results in mobility and infection. Poor oral hygiene, lack of dental care, and systemic disorders like uncontrolled diabetes can all lead to this problem. If left unchecked for many years, people may be faced with losing many or all of their teeth.
  • Long-Term Wear: We live in a stressful world. Teeth can flatten from grinding and clenching habits occurring during the day or night. Add all the acidity of our modern day diet, a lack of proper hygiene or dental care, and systemic issues (i.e. acid reflux), this process can irreversibly erode and damage a smile. These habits may also contribute to disorders of the jaw joints (Temporomandibular Disorder or TMD).

Any one of these or a combination of these instances can lead to the loss of a smile. Full mouth rehabilitation can restore your mouth back to complete health. During your initial visit, we will discuss all of your options, formulate a custom plan or plans, and provide a follow-up appointment to review the scenarios and their associated costs. The decision of how you will move forward will be in your hands, and we are here to provide the guidance and support in this decision. We are a family-friendly business that believes in transparency and prefer to avoid high-pressure sales tactics. Our goal is to get your smile back and this requires a team effort from doctor and patient to do so.

What’s in a Full Mouth Reconstruction?


Full mouth reconstruction refers to the need to provide some form of restoration or replacement to every tooth in the mouth; however, the term can be used broadly to refer to comprehensive work done to restore the mouth. The procedures involved in your full mouth reconstruction will rely heavily on the state of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. Your restorative treatment plan may include:

If teeth are able to be saved, we can provide fixed or removable services to replace missing teeth to fill in missing spaces, complete the smile, and restore chewing. If teeth are not able to be saved and someone is faced with losing the remaining teeth, we will discuss fixed or removable options with or without dental implants. During your treatment, you will never be without teeth. We will ensure you have a temporary and final replacement options included in your plan so life can go on without the embarrassment or handicap of not having teeth to smile or chew with. A full mouth rehabilitation can take several days in some select cases to several months.  We will discuss your timeline and work around your life to provide the care you need.

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A full mouth reconstruction is about more than just looks, it is about regaining the quality of life you once had or desire to achieve. The procedures involved in your reconstruction will provide durable, long-lasting, and esthetic results, leading you back to the life you were meant to live.

Schedule your free consultation at Highpoint Dental Care in Aurora today at  303-617-9100 to discuss your full mouth reconstruction options with one of our skilled dentists. Drs. Baltz and Rowe serve patients in Aurora, Green Valley Ranch, Parker, Centennial, and surrounding areas of Colorado.