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My experience with High Point Dental was far better than any in my 80 years. I always dreaded time in a dentist's chair, but I actually feel comfortable during procedures here. It was great to have close-up pictures of each tooth - easier to appreciate what needed to be done than just with x-rays. I'm very satisfied with Dr.Baltz work and that of his team, he explains what needs to be done very clearly.   
- Annis Breland
I have been to many dentists only to be disappointed. (i.e. crowns done wrong, cracking, etc) Highpoint Dental is the first place that I found a competent dentist! Finally! I would highly recommend Dr. Rowe to everyone. The staff is friendly and extremely efficient. You don’t have to sit around forever waiting to be helped. This is my forever dentist. Thank you, Dr. Rowe and everyone at Highpoint Dental.
- Kelly Charbonneau
I would NEVER dream of going anywhere else ever again.
I feel that the Highpoint dental office staff is professional, punctual, and very helpful. Everyone is very nice. Dr. Baltz and his staff use the latest dental equipment- which makes my visits more comfortable and quick! The updated reception area is very comfortable. Dr. Baltz is extremely professional and easy to talk to. I enjoy my visits with him. Dr. Baltz makes me feel comfortable and takes the time to explain everything to me about my dental care. He has the best chair side manner! When I first started seeing him as my dentist, I explained to him my concerns about my teeth grinding and gum recession. I had been given the advice that I may need braces again- not something I was looking forward to. Dr. Baltz came up with a great solution for me, which was a night guard. This option saved me about $4K and a lot of hassle. It took care of my teeth grinding issue and prevents further damage to my gums. I feel that without Dr. Baltz’s innovative thinking, I would be unhappy in braces again and causing further gum recession.
- Kat Immel
I first used the services of Highpoint Dental several years ago. I was satisfied with Dr. Rowe’s treatment and continued with Dr. Rowe. In 2014 Dr. Justin Baltz joined the clinic and I went with him. When I do business with someone I like to develop a relationship with the staff. It always seems to improve the quality of service. It was very easy to develop that relationship with the staff at Highpoint. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Always a sense of humor and the feeling of a happy work family. Shortly after joining the clinic I went to Dr. Baltz for help with my missing and misaligned upper teeth. This was a very long and extensive job. I spent many hours in the chair. This could have been a terrible experience. Dr. Baltz has great chairside manner, friendly and patient with his clients. He is very quick to explain just what he is doing and if there will be any discomfort. It is always a pleasure visiting Dr. Baltz at the clinic and all the stall as well.
- Tim Huffman
I could not be happier with the care and service I’ve received as a patient of Highpoint Dental. After cycling through almost a dozen dentists and dental practices over the past decade – I’ve finally found an office where I will stay. The office is clean and comfortable. The technology is crisp and new. Most importantly, it’s a place where I feel welcome; where the patient is truly part of the family. What separates Dr. Baltz is his dedication to his craft and his patients. He is an industry-leading practitioner, constantly educating himself and his staff on the best, most up-to-date practices and procedures. All that said, I am patient for life.
- Owen Holder
I chose Highpoint Dental Care as my dental provider because it has great reviews online. I went to their website and it was very informative and easy to understand. They can do pretty much everything in office and have a very flexible schedule. I felt it was a great fit. The staff was welcoming and the available treatment plans fit my needs and my budget. I was made to feel comfortable from the beginning to the end of my visit. It really does feel like a family. They keep a meticulously clean office. Everything from the lobby to the dental treatment rooms to the actual dental equipment are kept looking impeccable. Hygiene is clearly top priority. As you walk inside and into the treatment rooms, you can see the photos of the staff hanging on the wall, pictures as a group and individually. This made me feel extremely comfortable as these are clearly people who care about each other! The staff is very friendly, caring, and professional and they treat each other this way as well. They make me feel so comfortable, at ease and ultimately fulfill all my needs to the fullest every single time. Dr. Baltz is an amazing person with a heart of gold. He is humble, selfless, caring, kind and understanding. He is always a professional with a great sense of humor and is very knowledgeable in his profession. He always makes sure you’re comfortable and ready before starting any procedure, and stays attentive to your needs while making you feel at ease. The treatment plans he presents you with are designed to bring you the best results while saving you the most money. I was personally very insecure about my smile when I first walked in. I was in a lot of pain, rarely smiled and was concerned about the cost. Dr. Baltz helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined, because when my dental work was completed, it all turned out to be very affordable. I gained the confidence I never knew I had. I love my new smile and I am relieved to no longer be in pain. I am extremely thankful and appreciative to Dr. Baltz and his staff for giving me this amazing gift. I feel so lucky to have walked in to this office, it has changed my life. Highpoint Dental Care is, hands down, the best dental office I have ever had the pleasure of walking into. I can assure you that you will always leave here with a smile. Thank you Dr. Baltz!
- Yaneth Rangel
Highpoint Dental Care is the best dental office. I have ever been to, for so many reasons. I feel comfortable the moment I walk in, I love the staff and how Dr. Rowe treats his staff; from days to the spa to the many other things like buying them all coffee. My teeth were no in the best of shape when I first started seeing them 5 years ago and I have come a long way since. My top teeth were discolored and not straight. I was very self-conscious when I smiled. Dr. Rowe recommended veneers and explained what they would do for my smile. I was so nervous about the whole thing. Dr. Rowe and his staff ensured me I would love my smile after. It has been 3 months since Dr. Rowe seated my veneers, my smile has changed and so did my self-confidence. Dr. Rowe is a perfectionist wanting them to be just right he sent them back the first time because he did not like the color. You can feel how much he cares when I smile at him and let him know I cannot thank him enough for changing my life!
- Cathy Holloman
I had a bad experience with a dentist who tried 3 times to get two crowns to match my teeth. The temporaries were perfect and I wish I could have kept them in my mouth. The first crowns that came back were as white as Chicklet gum. The second time around, the color was close but one crown was filed down so far on top, that silver showed through and looked like I had a piece of foil on my tooth. Third time was not a charm! The dentist let me know that he did not have the time to bring someone from the lab in to match the color. These crowns were towards the front of my mouth and very noticeable and I was extremely self-conscious. While visiting in Colorado, I came to Dr. Rowe’s office. Dr. Rowe took the time to match the color correctly and replaced the two crowns so they matched my teeth. He is a great dentist and the office staff is wonderful. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone looking for a great dentist and dental experience. Whenever I need dental work other than a cleaning, I may wait until I am in Colorado again.
- JoAlice Garbrick
It was disheartening wat first that I had to lose some teeth due to bone loss. However, the experience with Dr. Rowe and the whole staff made it an easy transition. Dr. Rowe was very kind and helped me understand my options. The overall experience was pleasant all things considered. Going for the implants was a big decision but the few short weeks before the implant after extractions made me very grateful to get the implant and to work with Dr. Rowe and staff. I am very pleased both with the quality of work and how comfortable they made the experience, and even more so after the work is complete. I am so happy with the implant and we bee ever so grateful for the work done and plan to be a long time patient and fan of Highpoint.
- Joe Beaman